Peace of Mind

How much would you pay for piece of mind? Do you have a current backup of all your photos? I bet the majority of you answered; 'No'. Let's face it, backing up our photos is a time consuming task, and takes a discipline few of us have. At least on a regular basis. With the introduction of digital photography, the average person now a days stores thousands and thousands of photos of their computer. Most of these photos are priceless, irreplaceable memories of friends and family.

Businesses know how to protect their data from failure and loss, they use technology to automate, and prevent data loss. Using both hardware and software to protect their corporate data. But what about us common folks?

The answer is Drobo. Automated no Headache Data Redundancy System. Drobo utilizes a revolutionary storage technology that makes it simple for anyone to use, yet is powerful enough for business. Once you experience the power of Drobo, the idea of keeping multiple external drives or a RAID 5 array will seem as antiquated as that 300Kbps modem in the back of your closet.

Drobo Features

  • Redundant data protection
  • Hot swappable expandable drives up to 16TB
  • Mix n Match Drives cap
  • Both Firewire 800 and USB 2.0

As your library of data grows, now your storage solution can too. Drobo holds up to four hard drives, and can expand at any time, it supports up to 16TB on a single volume.

Drobo is Self-Healing

When Drobo detects a "bad" hard disk, it proactively advises you with a series of warnings ranging from a blinking red LED on its front panel, to pop-up alerts in Drobo Dashboard, to email alerts. What Drobo does next is exceptional. Drobo enters self-healing mode where it repairs around the bad sector or bad disk, working until it returns to the safest state possible. If Drobo has sufficient time and free capacity (indicated by all lights returning to a solid green state), it can even withstand a second hard disk failure. That's the power of self-healing. Unlike other storage arrays, Drobo doesn't just sit around and beep at you when something is awry—it takes the set of actions available to it to fix the problem without human intervention.

Check out Drobo for yourself. Click here to see drobo in action. :-)