Find the Picture in the Picture

  Photographers take great care to show their photos at there best, and would never think of letting you see a raw unfinished photo. What's  the difference between a snapshot and a masterpiece? Sometimes it's just the ability to see the picture in the picture. Of course I'm talking about photo cropping.

When I decided to write this article, I immediately ran through my photo collection looking for the worst possible photograph that I could find, just to illiterate that even a bad photo can be cropped into a good one.

This is a photograph of my brother on a recent visit.

There's not much right about this photograph, but we can still save it. Let's see, the background is terrible, the left side is dark and under exposed, the right side is just plain boring. The door frame molding is coming directly off my brothers head, I also have a casted shadow onto the background.. What was I thinking!

I wasn't.. I was a normal everyday person, taking a quick snapshot of my brother before he left for LA. Well, when you think about it.. isn't this a typical snapshot we take all the time? Sure it is..


So let's look at this picture and find the picture in the picture. Look at my brother's natural pose, and great smile.  This is a candid for a portrait. Yep! I think I'll crop this photo from a landscape mode to portrait. 










We have uncovered the "picture in the picture"!



Of course we could stop here, but I was still bothered by that background, even through the picture cropped is a vast improvement already. I decided to go one step further, and remove the background using photoshop.


There we are! A everyday snapshot turned into a masterpiece suitable for framing.. :-)