Len's Rules of Photography

You never realize just how many photo opportunities are missed each day, until you start carrying your camera around. Some of my best photographs ever taken were during the course of my everyday life.  I know that carrying a big heavy SLR everywhere isn't always practical. That's why every photographer should at least own one point & shoot camera. Most point & shoots easily fit in your pocket or bag, and are easy to take with you everywhere. I carry my Canon G9 everywhere I go. With your camera in hand, you'll find yourself looking at the world differently. You'll find yourself looking for more photo opportunities, as well as a new appreciation of life and our surroundings. That's where the old wise adage comes from; "Stop and smell the roses."  Len's Rules of Photography

  • Rule #1. Always have your camera with you..
  • Rule #2. Never forget rule #1.