Why Shoot in Black & White?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Black & White Photography!

A lot of people ask why on earth, would you still shoot in Black & White when our cameras are able to produce such true vivid color that represents the world as we actually see it.


To best answer this:

BW Photography offers a timeless beauty.

By removing the color, we remove the distractions and that causes the viewer to really concentrate on  the image without the distraction of color.

With Black & White you see the light better. With color removed the beauty of highlights and shadows become more defined.

Highlights reveal, and of Shadows define.


Black & White helps emphasize emotion.

Without the distraction of color can provide a stronger emotional connection to your subject.

Some of the greatest photographers in the world know the importance of Black & White photography and tend to use Black & White when creating a fine art collection.

So why not challenge yourself. Take a week and shoot only in Black & White you’ll begin to see why Black & White photography should be a tool in your photographers toolbox.

Happy Shooting!