Times Are Changing - Facebook & Instagram Are A Dying Platforms

Times are changing.. I believe that Facebook and Instagram have peaked, and are now beginning their decline. Rule #1 in business, "Learn to see changes before it happens". Businesses that don't see change are destine to fail.

So many people have put all their eggs in one basket.

It's a hard sell to any business owner or marketer to entirely leave Facebook as a marketing tool. What we can do is build up our other marketing tools, like building our email list or consider other ways to market to our customers that don't rely solely on the success of social media.

Now I'm not saying close all your social media accounts. I'm saying make any posts on social media drive traffic directly to you personal web site. It's time to start-up individual websites that are under your control. 

Use Facebook to drive traffic to your business funnel. One that you control, and Facebook or any other social media product can't control your success or failure. If your consistent, over time, your traffic will shift from Facebook to customers going directly to your website. 

Relying solely on Facebook or Instagram for your business is a recipe for failure.