Learn to use your third eye.

I hear this all the time. I can't afford to travel the world like you, and there's nothing interesting to shoot in my home town. I live in boring suburbia. Well there's a good reason you feel that way.. Your not using your third eye. Your third eye is sometimes called the photographers eye. The third eye allows you to see the light and detail that non-photographers walk right by everyday.

Learn to slow down, and look for the light. Quality photos are everywhere, if you learn to see the light. Remember light reveals and shadows define. You need both for a good photo. Sometimes just going out in the backyard, you find something interesting to shoot. A masterpiece? No... but interesting photo?.. You bet!

Spider web and morning dew. This shot was a bit of challenge to get things in focus. But a lot of fun to capture. #PurveyorOfLight #photography #spiderweb #starburst