Nikon Releases D5 firmware update version 1.30


Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.21 to 1.30

  • • Added Recall shooting functions to the functions that can be assigned to camera controls. Holding the selected control recalls previously-saved exposure settings (including shutter speed and aperture), a feature that can for example be used to switch rapidly between scenes that require different exposures.

    • Recall shooting functions can be assigned to the following controls using Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment): Preview button, Fn1 button, Fn2 button, AF-ON button, Sub-selector center, AF-ON button for vertical shooting, and Lens focus function buttons. It can also be assigned to the Fn button on a WR-1 or WR-T10 remote control using the Assign remote (WR) Fn button option in the SETUP MENU.

    • For more information, see the addenda to the User’s Manual available from the Nikon Download Center (Nikon Download Center > D5 > Manuals > Supplementary Firmware Update Manual).

  • • Fixed the following issues:

    • - If Backup or RAW Slot 1 - JPEG Slot 2 was selected for PHOTO SHOOTING MENU > Role played by card in Slot 2 in http server mode, the shutter would sometimes not be released during burst shooting.

    • - Reactivating the standby timer would sometimes fail to re-establish the link between the camera and some makes of mobile router connected via Ethernet cable (Prioritize power saving selected for SETUP MENU > Network > Options > Power saving).

    • • The focal lengths displayed when teleconverters for AF-S or AF-I lenses are attached have been updated as follows:

      Lens focal lengthTeleconverterBefore updateAfter update

      400 mm  1.4× .   550 mm .     560 mm

      400 mm . 1.7× .   650 mm .     680 mm

      800 mm . 1.4× .    1150 mm .    1120 mm

      800 mm .  1.7× .   1350 mm .    1360 mm

      • The focal length displays for some combinations of lenses and teleconverters may differ from those given above.

  • • The SETUP MENU > Time zone and date > Time zone display now shows only the names of major cities in the currently selected zone.

Download directly from Nikon here: