Maybe it's time to quit Photography

I was pulling another all-night editing session, when all of sudden I was represented with a very strange dialog box from Photoshop.

"Warning: Photoshop cannot find any pixels worth saving."

I remembering saying to myself:

"What the hell?"

 I knew I was overtired and attempted to rub my eyes to clear my vision. I attempted to reread the message. "Warning: Photoshop cannot find any pixels worth saving." 

"What the F%&^, is this some kind of joke?"


All sudden a voice came from below my desk. Maybe it's time you realize your work is no good. Might be time to hang it up and find something new. Ever think of taking up needle-point?

I quickly looked down and saw my dog Kodak, sitting there looking directly at me, wearing sunglasses and a camera.

"Are you talking to me?"

Sam tilted his head to one side and said what do you think?

I started to rub my eyes again in disbelief.

"Sam how could you be talking? And why are you wearing a camera?"

 Maybe it's time to quit photography, Len. Maybe it's time to move on.. After all, I can take better photos than you.. and I'm just a dog... Well It's almost time.


"Almost time for what? Time for what! Come back here!"

All of suddenly I could hear a alarm going off.. I raised my head, and realized I must have fell a sleep at the computer and it was all a weird dream! I've got to cut back on my hours!

Happy Shooting!