Is Photography Dead?

Is photography dead?

The answer is definitely not, but photography as we know it is transforming. Traditional photography died the moment a camera found it's way onto a cell phone, literally overnight everyone in the entire world became a photographer.

At the same time, photography as an art form has been diminished to the point of almost complete indifference. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have allowed photography copyrights to be meaningless, and unenforceable. Literally, thousands of copyrighted works are violated hourly.

Photography has been deemed a victimless crime. Socially accepted. The legal system won’t even enforce its own laws. Businesses absolutely love this and take full advantage of the situation. No longer do they have to pay for photographs, they can simply steal them and use them as they wish, knowing that they face almost no financial penalties.

Camera technology today has progressed to the point that almost anyone can take a good picture. Today's photographers don't have to understand the technical side of photography such as f-stops, shutter speeds, or even ISO. Today’s photographer simply needs to know how to point and shoot. Our phones today do all the heavy lifting shielding us from the technical details and offer us hundreds of apps offering a multitude of predesigned photo filters to allow us to put our creative touch on our images., within seconds we go from capture to sharing with the world in literally minutes.


Today's generation wants nothing to do with traditional cameras, their cell phone is all they need or want. Truth be told, most people would be better off with just a cell phone.

Most people I know, all own cameras, but have never learned how to use them. Most people that own DSLR’s shoot in FULL AUTO, and have no idea on what all those buttons and dials do on their cameras anyway.

To these people I say: Not everyone wants to be a photographer. Most people just want a way to record their friends and family memories. Cell phones serve that purpose perfectly.

People just need to be honest with themselves and their needs. Today’s cell phone cameras are more than good enough. As cell phone cameras keep improving more and more people are realizing traditional DSLR’s no longer serve a purpose for them. And they can get better results with their cell phone.

Here’s a screen capture of a post from Facebook. (I have blocked out the names to protect the innocent LOL). This person is questioning his DSLR when comparing the results he gets from his cell phone.


So who still needs a traditional camera? Professionals are one group. As good as cell phone cameras are, they are no match for DSLR.

  • Wedding Photographers need low light performance and interchangeable lens capability.

  • Sports/Wildlife Photographers need those telephoto lenses to capture the action.

  • Amateur Photographers who love photography, and want to be creative and make more than snapshots.

  • Photographers who need big prints.

So to sum things up, photography is not dying, it's just evolving. Maybe within the next 10 years we’ll all be shooting with bionic implants in our eyes, and won't need any type of physical camera at all. All I know is that technology is advancing and I’m excited to see where we go from here.

Happy Shooting!