Hundreds of Bald Eagles Dead - Cause? Mirrorless Cameras!


Bald Eagles are being found dead in all 52 states. In a shocking development, over a hundred of bald eagles have been found dead in Scwatchwen Or.

The cause? The exact cause of death? Photon exposure. Yes you heard here first. Seems that the new mirrorless style cameras sold today emit a toxic level of photon reflection. This is due to the removal of the anti-aliasing filter and of course the elimination of the DSLR mirror system.

Without the mirror to reflect harmful photons away from a subject. they are concentrated back at the subject, causing almost immediate death. The mirrorless camera manufacturers knew about this danger, yet did nothing.

Why bald eagles? American Bald Eagles have extremely good eyesight and their corneas are extremely sensitive to photon reflection.

The Professional Group Of Photowalkers have asked for a immediate ban . of all mirrorless cameras before its too late..

Current testing also shows young child under the age of 2 are having their eye sight permanently damaged as well.

Please take the necessary precautions and do not shoot young children.

If you are reading this article this far.. then I should tell you.. the above article is absolutely REAL. the facts of the article are completely false..

This article was meant to poke fun at mirrorless crowd. All meant in fun.. as photographers we sometimes take ourselves too seriously.  :-) Happy Shooting!