Fun Polaroid Collage with Photoshop

Polaroid? What's a Polaroid?

How many of you remember the good old Polaroid? Back in the day, Polaroids were a really big deal. It was the first camera ever to produce a print in under 60 seconds. It was magic back then. Now not so much. Today a Polaroid is almost a forgotten thing, and most of today's generation have never even heard of a Polaroid, let alone actually seen one. For me, I grew up with Polaroids, and Polaroids were a big part of my life, despite being dated and forgotten, Polaroids still hold a special place in my heart.

Today I thought we would do a fun project and make a collage of Polaroids with a twist. Instead of layering multiple images, I'll show you a unique way to make a collage out a of single image.

So watch the video, and let's bring back the Polaroid! Happy Shooting!