A Landscape Photographers Best Friend


You’ve just taken the most perfectly composed landscape shot! – or have you? The perfect moment could be lost, so you need to review the image on your camera’s back LCD screen before you leave your location. But the bright daylight is glaring off the screen. Your LCD Screen is completely washed out, you twist and turn your body or attempt put your hands around the screen, all in an effort to shade it from the light, but you still can’t see it clearly.

Today's digital cameras LCD screens are great for viewing our shots indoors or even in partial shade, but in direct sunlight, the harsh sun rays all but completely wash out our ability to review our work in the field. Meet the landscapes photographer newest best friend. The HoodLoupe from Hoodman. The HoodLoupe Professional is worn around your neck just like a normal loupe. When it is time to review your shot; bring the Hoodloupe up to your image and place your eye up to the eye cup for complete glare free viewing. The HoodLoupe has a +-3 diopter to accommodate those with less than perfect vision. HoodLoupe adjusts focus just like a binocular eyepiece... you turn the eyepiece in or out to set for your vision. Minimal magnification is used to eliminate visual pixelation of your image. Each Hoodloupe is encased in a user friendly rubber for comfort and protection from bumps that will occur throughout your shoot. Comfortable lanyard and compact protective storage case included. The Hoodman loupe is available in two models, both a 3.0 inch and a 3.2 inch model. Now for the downside, it's little pricey but, in my opinion, it's well worth it. I’ve been using my Hoodman loupe for over a decade, and it’s always in my bag.


In Conclusion

It performs exactly as it should and this is one great accessory for any outdoor photographer’s toolkit. You should never leave home without it!

Happy Shooting!