Rainy Days Means, Cool Photo Opportunities

Photo by:  Joel Dinda

Photo by: Joel Dinda

Do rainy days get you down? Rainy days can actually be a great time for photography. Rain is awesome for artistic and creative photos. 

Rain photography gives you hundreds of subjects for creative artistic photos using reflections and ripples. When it’s wet outside, colors become deeper, richer and more saturated. A wet rainy day gives you macro photography opportunities, by providing you with drops, ripples, and reflections. Use rain drops and streaks on windows as art effects to make high impact abstract images.

Photo by:  Steve Wall

Photo by: Steve Wall

Be sure and protect your camera. Use a rain sleeve, or carry a shower cap or a ziplock bag in your camera bag. Cut a hole for the lens and one for the viewfinder. Put a piece of gaffers tape on each side of the hole you cut for the viewfinder. Poke the camera lens through the large hole you cut in the shower cap and use a rubber band to fasten it securely.

Photo by:  humbletree

Photo by: humbletree

Photo by:  Evan Leeson

Photo by: Evan Leeson

If your willing to endure the rain, chances are you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts and patience.  You’ll capture some rare and uncommon moments that most people never attempt. So grab a rain jacket, brave the elements and take your camera - these can be the best times for photography to capture something memorable.