Want more interesting photos? Give them a twist!

Are you tired of the same old tired looking snapshots of your friends and family? Give your photos a twist, or to be more accurate, give your photos a Dutch Tilt. A Dutch Tilt is a cinematic technique used to portray the uneasiness or tension in the subject being filmed. I personally think the Dutch Tilt offers much more to photos than it's definition.  I think the Dutch Tilt can bring more interestingness to any photo. So how do you go about creating a Dutch Tilt? It's easy.. Normally you hold your camera even with the horizon, this is called  "Landscape Mode".  If you turn your camera on it's side, this is called "Portrait Mode". Hold your camera at any angle in between, that's a Dutch Tilt!


As humans, we are all too often compelled to follow the rules,  living each day within the lines of what is proper or expected.  Think about this, almost 99% of all photographs taken, are shot in landscape mode. Less than 1% of all photographs taken taken in portrait mode.  

Using a Dutch Tilt is breaking the rules of what is expected or ordinary. Photographs taken with a Dutch Tilt can add interest to almost any photo in the right situations. Dutch Tilt,  give it try...