Like Macro Photography But Can't Afford The Price?

Let's face it, Macro Lens are expensive. Some Macro lens can cost over a thousand dollars or more. Wouldn't be nice to be able to shoot the occasional macro shot with the lens you already have on your camera? Well I have just the solution! It's called the Canon 500D.. Now don't let the name fool you, it's not a camera.  It's called a close-up lens filter. It's technically a lens that screws on like a filter to end of your cameras existing lens.

The Canon 500D is a small double-element lens that threads onto the filter threads on a standard (non-macro) lens. It allows that lens to be focused at a much closer distance- resulting in a higher magnification of the subject. The Canon 500D is intended to be used on lenses with a focal length of 70mm-300mm. It's available in multiple sizes ranging from 58mm to 77mm.

Photo By: Gabriel Gonzalez

Photo By: Gabriel Gonzalez

So why would you buy the Canon 500D Close Up Lens?

If you are carrying a non-macro lens regardless and you want macro capabilities without the added weight and size of a macro lens, the 500D is perfect for you.

If you have a lens in the 70-300mm range and do not have the budget for a prime macro lens, the 500D is a prospect for you.

If you only want to shoot at macro distances once in a while, the Canon 500D Close-up Lens fits right in your camera bag and is easy to use. It's always there when you need it.