July Is Sunflower Season

July is here. July means sunshine, backyard BBQ's, and lets not forget fireworks! But did you also know that July is Sunflower season? Rows and rows of golden beauty, that just begs for someone to take their picture.

Photographing sunflowers can be tricky, but well worth it. Sunflowers usually face in a easterly direction.  It's a common misconception that sunflowers heads track the Sun across the sky. The uniform alignment of the flowers does result from heliotropism in an earlier development stage, the bud stage, before the appearance of flower heads. The buds are heliotropic until the end of the bud stage, and finally face east, allowing the flowers of the sunflower to be used as inexact living compasses.

Here are some basic tips for photographing sunflowers

First, and foremost, you'll need to choose a good subject. Sunflowers are big, colorful flowers so emphasizing the yellow of the petals and the overall height of the flower works exceptionally well. Be sure to look for sunflowers that have fresh or interesting pedals, and always ensure your set against a good background. Remember, to move around and try different angles. Best time of day is sunrise or sunset. I recommend sunrise as the sunflowers almost always face to the east.  Morning Light can be mesmerizing on the sunflowers yellow golden pedals.

Final tip: Don't procrastinate; sunflowers have a very small window before their gone.. So get out and shoot!