Sometimes Old Is New Again


I've come to realization that sometimes technology can inhibit or even stifle ones ability to enjoy what they love, taking photographs. No better example with this was with my dear mother. All her life, she enjoyed photography. Throughout the decades of my families life, there was my mother, making sure our life was documented and enjoyed.

She always had a camera with her. When a unexpected special moment presented itself, there we all were, standing around caught without a camera to capture the moment.  If it hadn't been for my mother, over one third of my life would be un-captured.

Then came along digital photography. Ah progress! What a great advancement!  Computers, printers, cell phones, what a wondrous thing! No more film! I totally embraced the whole digital world with open arms, and never looked back.


As soon as digital was taking hold in the market place, film was dying faster than 8 track tape. Polaroid was one of the first companies to fall. The death of Polaroid meant the death of my mother's cameras. Polaroid film simply became too expensive and too hard to find.

At first glance we figured we would simply introduce her to a bright shiny new digital camera, and that would be that. But it wasn't. My mother never embraced technology, especially computers. And she had a really hard time trying to understand things in a digital world.

The family taught her how to use the new digital cameras, and she started taking pictures again, only finding her stopping after the initial newness wore off. My mother started photographing less and less, and seemed to completely lose interest.

Over the years, my mother, the family photographer for generations, simply stopped taking pictures at all..

Today, I believe I now understand what happened. It wasn't the camera, or loss of interest, it was because technology was preventing my mother from enjoying work. She could take pictures, but these pictures became trapped in the camera. She was unable, to master  the hand to hand combat skills on how to get the pictures out of the camera and into a print. 

She lost her independence. Her ability to simply enjoy taking photos and putting prints into photo albums. Think about it, if you had to rely on other people all time when you wanted to share or print a photo. Losing ones independence. to enjoy what you love, is a terrible thing. 

Luckily, I stumbled upon a new type of Polaroid Instant camera, and in fact, the film is even cheaper than the original Polaroid film. Fujifilm has a complete line of instant cameras named InStax. The reviews are very good, and they say that the image quality was even better than the old Polaroid film.

I didn't hesitate pushing the Amazon Buy Now button. In fact, I've found out that this camera is incredible hot with the teenage community. Todays teenagers have never seen a Polaroid before, and are just blown away when they see a print come directly out of the camera!. The instant camera is having a unexplained rebirth. Anyway, the new camera is now on it's way to my mother, complete with a couple packs of film. I hope that this will rekindle her love for taking pictures again. No one should be denied to enjoy the wonderful world of photography.