Shooting in the fall

October is one of the best times for a photowalk. October offers a window of opportunity for photographing fall colors at their peak.  The window for capturing dramatic and dynamic fall images, is short. Don’t put off taking that photo because fall is a time of change, and you think things will look the same tomorrow, but they wont. Here are some basic tips for photographing in the fall.

Shoot early and late in the day. Try to shoot a half-hour before and after sunrise or sunset. The colors will be noticeably richer, the shadows deeper, textures and forms stronger. Early morning is one of the best times to capture the color of fall reflected in a pond or lake as the water is usually still and the light is coming in at a low angle.

Shoot right after a rain storm. The light is usually more dramatic, and wet leaves, structures, and even roads take on more vibrant, intense color tones.

Shoot from all angles. Move around to find the most dramatic composition.  A few steps can make the difference. Experiment.

Look for contrasting colors. Include visually opposing colors in your photo for dramatic contrasts and more intense color. A bright orange tree will look even brighter when photographed next to a green evergreen.

Try using a warm polarizer filter when you’re shooting colorful red and orange trees. Another option is to increase your cameras saturation settings to produce vivid punchy colors, consult your camera’s manual to see if you have the ability to boost the saturation settings. You'll be sure to be please with the results.

October is a wonderful time of the year for photographs. Be sure and get out and shoot.