Learn to use your third eye.

I hear this all the time. I can't afford to travel the world like you, and there's nothing interesting to shoot in my home town. I live in boring suburbia. Well there's a good reason you feel that way.. Your not using your third eye. Your third eye is sometimes called the photographers eye. The third eye allows you to see the light and detail that non-photographers walk right by everyday.

Learn to slow down, and look for the light. Quality photos are everywhere, if you learn to see the light. Remember light reveals and shadows define. You need both for a good photo. Sometimes just going out in the backyard, you find something interesting to shoot. A masterpiece? No... but interesting photo?.. You bet!

Spider web and morning dew. This shot was a bit of challenge to get things in focus. But a lot of fun to capture. #PurveyorOfLight #photography #spiderweb #starburst

Every Photo Has A Story...

What started out to be an early routine morning scouting trip, it turned out to be a whole lot more than that. I started out on some property that was leased to the Hutterite colony. As I made my way through a couple of gates and up a small hilltop where I spotted her along the lakes edge. I maintained my distance and remained downwind so not to spook her. Luckily I was in full camo and slivered down the hillside. I managed to get within 50 feet of her and fired off a few shots.. Unfortunately, she heard my shutter and charged me with her violin. Doctor says they got most of the violin out of my ass and should be back on my feet in a few weeks.. When asked if I’d do such as thing again.. I replied, God Yes.. just look at the light!


Happy Shooting!

Featured Artist of the Month - Paul Greene

 Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Paul Greene is a extremely talented wildlife and nature photographer based in Colorado. Paul specializes in landscape photography, but can't resist his love to shoot wildlife as well. Paul truly loves being a creative. You'll always find him in some distance field somewhere scouting for his next big landscape shot. He truly loves to chase nature and all that it offers.

You can follow him on Flickr at:



How to stay motivated as a photographer


Being a creative, it's hard sometimes to stay motivated. I get asked all the time, "How do you keep that creative drive going as a photographer?".


Everyone knows these days: you wake up in the morning and you’re not motivated to do anything. You drag yourself out of bed, feeling exhausted, but it does not get any better. Instead of being allowed to do absolutely nothing, you get up and address your daily responsibilities and barely get through the day. Nobody likes to admit it, but we all are struggling to get motivated from time to time. Every photographer knows how difficult it is to keep one’s motivation at a constant high level.

Often times, we have so many great ideas in our mind, but we lack the necessary energy and motivation to implement all these visions. We simply cannot get started with doing what we need to do. It’s a daily struggle, just like a vicious circle one simply cannot seem to escape.

How often do we allow even the most unimportant things to distract our attention away from the pursuit of our dreams? I can guarantee you that you will succeed in whatever you are doing, if only you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.

Hard work and a good dose of determination can lead you anywhere, even if you are not the most talented photographer on the planet. Only those who are willing to make an extra effort will be able to succeed. That is why less talented people will outperform you with their willingness to do everything possible to succeed.

15994837_10154896328262065_7898038841699538021_o (1).jpg

We make little excuses for activities that do not contribute towards the accomplishment of our goals. Doing so will eventually lead us to procrastinate. We stop doing what we need to do: pursuing our goals with the greatest determination and the boldest focus.

Your willingness not to give up no matter what will bring you one step closer towards the accomplishment of your dreams. Often times, people start enthusiastically with a new task, but they soon allow challenges and setbacks to decrease their motivation. In the end, they will give up and find new goals to pursue halfhearted, which they will eventually fail as well. That is until they finally find goals that are unimportant but relatively easy to accomplish. What a way to ruin one’s potential.

Once you have set your mind on to something, keep pursuing it until you succeed.

Success is inevitably connected to action, it will not appear out of thin air. Only those who are willing to plant their seeds in the ground will be able to reap the fruits.

Your ability to tackle your dreams largely depends on the way how you think about doing the required tasks that come along with pursuing your mission. The way you think about your task, either enthusiastically positive or depressingly negative, largely decides on how successful you are able to complete it.


As creatives, we must love what we do. That's what keeps us going. If you don't love taking pictures everyday, then maybe photography is not your calling. Owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer. A photographer loves what photography is. Art, Expression, and the ability to tell a story.

Happy Shooting!